About Me

Hola y'all!


It's your favorite outdoor homie aka Adriana. I'm a lifelong outdoors person that was born and raised in a small town outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. I grew up in a nature-loving family that took annual trips to our local state park where I got to run wild and feed my curiosity with swims in the swimming hole, classes at the nature center, & long walks to waterfalls. When I wasn't at school or playing sports, you would catch me playing in the woods behind my house.

Through my work with Latinxhikers, I realized equity in the outdoors is greatly lacking ESPECIALLY in the southeast us where I grew up. I shifted my focus to efforts on trying to level the playing field so that ALL people feel comfortable and welcome in the outdoors. I previously championed an initiative with a community-based nonprofit in Atlanta called Nature for All - Atlanta. It involved creating equitable access to the outdoors, community engagement, advocacy, education, and empowerment. So you could say that I have a thing for trying to get people outside.


I am currently a Cloud Accounting Specialist by day and an outdoor equity advocate by night (well pretty much all day erryday). I am also currently serving on the board of the Chattahoochee National Park Conservancy.

Altogether, Adriana is a storyteller, photographer, and forever adventurer. Besides introducing new folks to the beauty of the outdoors, my favorite activities are camping, hiking, and outdoor cooking.